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Hi! I’m Ashley Holbrook. I’m a composer/music producer, creating music predominantly for TV and Film.

I work with a handful of incredible production music libraries, providing them with music suitable for adverts, trailers, TV and many more media applications.

Thank you for checking out my website!

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I'm currently working with these publishers

Media Tracks

Marmoset Music

1107 Studios

Brite Beat

Deep Syncers

Absolute Music Library

Films Scores

Head to my YouTube to see more projects i've worked on.


Hannah McNally

I’m a 2D animator based in London.

I recently directed an animation for, based on an interview with Dolores Huerta. The tone of the animation was slightly melancholy, and needed specific music to add to the overall feel of the animation, while working alongside the voice- over.

Ash was really great. He listened to the ideas I had and understood really well. He also gave his own take on the music for the animation and what it could sound like, which helped bring to life a vague idea I had into something better than I imagined. He was very understanding and prompt with amends and feedback. Was great to collaborate with him and I’m sure we’ll work together again.

Rebecka Carlén

I directed a short documentary about an indigenous people in the Andes and their contact with the modern world.

Really great working with Ash, he directly understood the mood of the film and composed beautiful music that enhanced that feeling. He was quick to respond and to deliver the music, as well as flexible and open minded during the process.

Nicolaus Wegner

I’m a landscape and time lapse photographer based in Wyoming. Specializing in wild and beautiful nature scenery.

I wasn’t so sure about having a custom song made due to past experiences with other musicians, but Ash changed my opinion. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and through his music, made the final video better than I could have imagined.

Jason Lee

I’m an Aspiring independent filmmaker living in Georgia, U.S.

I travelled to Iceland to shoot a personal project, and Ashley was the perfect film composer partner!

Ashley’s rare choice and selection of music aligned with my vision of the sound part. Ashley worked very hard to get the piece finalized, and I appreciate his open communication with me. I would definitely recommend him to those in need of a film music composer.

Christina Faith Johnson

I’m a skilled writer, editor, director and a visionary bringing to life stories that have been lost or marginalised in today’s culture through film.

We needed the music for Carlos to be dramatic yet creepy. Ash was given the commission to slowly unfold the story without telling it too quickly.

Ash was amazing through the process. His speed was absolutely impeccable and his ability to grasp the vision was unheard of.

Sami Abusamra

Ash was a real gift to our production. He turned an ambitious brief and an impossible deadline into a cogent and emphatic score. He was great at taking direction but always full of ideas too. A pleasure to work with.


Feel free to contact me, i'd love to work on your project!